What Happens When Periondontal Disease Goes Untreated?

Gum Disease Chester, VA

Gum or periodontal disease is an infection of the tissues that hold teeth in place. Periodontal disease is usually caused by plaque buildup due to poor oral hygiene. This disease is manageable and treatable, especially when it is caught early. Early treatment can help people avoid the negative consequences of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease

Flossing regularly and brushing at least twice every day can help prevent it. These will remove plaque from the teeth. It is also immensely important to see the dentist at least twice annually for a professional cleaning. But the dentist may recommend it more than twice a year for a patient who has signs of the disease. During the checkup, the dentist will remove both plaque and tartar. Tartar can only be removed at the dental office.

Consequences of periodontal disease

The longer plaque and tartar are left on the teeth, the more harmful they become. The bacteria can eventually cause inflammation of the gums. This is called gingivitis. In gingivitis, the gums become red, swollen, and often bleed easily. It is often reversible with regular cleaning by a dental provider and careful daily brushing and flossing.

If left untreated, gingivitis usually advances to periodontitis. In the case of periodontitis, the gums pull away from the teeth and form spaces or pockets that become infected. The body’s immune system will fight the bacteria as the plaque continues spreading below the gumline. The body’s natural response to infection and bacterial toxins will begin breaking down the bone as well as the connective tissue that holds teeth in place.

If not treated, the gums, bones, and tissue that support teeth will eventually be destroyed. The teeth may also become loose and will have to be removed. Damage caused by periodontal disease may be permanent the longer it goes untreated. While it is not possible to reverse some of the damage, the disease can be managed and treated.

Various restorative procedures can help people regain lost teeth and bone. It is not quite clear if the periodontal disease can cause health problems beyond the mouth. Periodontal disease has been associated with particular health problems. But it has not yet been determined whether it is the cause of these conditions.

Risk factors

Bacterial plaque is the main cause of the disease. But other risk factors also increase the chances of developing the disease. These include smoking or chewing tobacco, poor oral hygiene, diabetes, and genetics. Pregnancy and certain medications are also other common risk factors. Regular dental checkups are important if any of these risk factors are present.

Bottom line

If it goes untreated, the bones and tissue supporting the teeth will eventually be destroyed. It can lead to tooth loss and even permanent damage. Fortunately, with regular dental exams, it can be caught early and treated. This will help you to avoid tooth loss and other negative consequences. If you think you have periodontal disease, you should see your dentist as soon as you can. Early detection is vital to managing and treating it before it becomes worse.

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