Seeing a Family Dentist for Dental Cleanings

Family Dentistry Chester, VA

Family dentistry refers to oral care that is provided by dental professionals who focus on treating patients of all ages. A big part of family dentistry is dental cleanings, which are key to maintaining good oral health. 

While it can be easy to skip visiting a family dentist cleaning appointment, it is highly advised not to do so. Oral hygiene at home is simply not enough to keep both the teeth and gums in good shape. Continue reading to learn more about cleanings from a family dentistry practice, including what they entail and how often they should be done. 

A quick guide to dental cleanings at a family dentistry practice

A dental cleaning is one of the easiest procedures to undergo at a dental office. There is little to no pain, and it usually does not extend past an hour.

What to expect

Outlined below are the steps taken by a family dentist to thoroughly clean the teeth. Reviewing these may be helpful to someone preparing for an upcoming appointment. 

  • The teeth will be brushed using dental instruments and fluoride-based toothpaste; each tooth will be carefully covered and given the necessary attention to remove plaque and tartar
  • Floss will be used to clean in between the teeth, ensuring that nothing is left behind
  • The family dentist will rinse the oral cavity with water to clear out any remnants 
  • To finish, a fluoride application will be administered, which usually comes in the form of a tray filled with gel or a liquid; fluoride keeps the teeth strong and mineralized, which helps fight off cavities

In rare cases, a deep dental cleaning may be necessary, which does require additional preparation steps. For example, a numbing agent may be administered to limit the discomfort of cleaning out beneath the gums. Additionally, if there is a large amount of plaque and tartar build-up, the cleaning may be split into multiple appointments. 

How often should cleanings be done?

In family dentistry, most individuals undergo cleanings every six months, or twice a year. This allows the dentist to rid the teeth of plaque and tartar that built up between the two appointments.

There are certain cases in which cleanings need to be performed more often. Those who are at high risk of developing gum disease or cavities may be advised to get cleanings done every three months. A good example would be children who consume a large amount of sugar or elderly individuals who experience dry mouth. 

Getting started with dental cleanings

Individuals who want to undergo a dental cleaning can do so by consulting with a family dentist. A quick evaluation will be done to determine what type of cleaning is needed. From there, the family dentistry practice can perform the cleaning and implement a routine schedule for follow-up appointments. To learn more about dental cleanings or the care that family dentists provide, reach out today! 

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