Getting Ready for the All-on-4 Procedure

All On 4 Chester, VA

All-on-4® combines the bone-preserving properties of implants with the affordable nature of dentures to give people who have lost most of their teeth a stable set of artificial teeth that look and feel natural in their mouth.

Implants are the preferred way to replace missing teeth, but they are also one of the pricier options. Trying to replace a full set of teeth with implants costs significantly more than most people can afford. Dentures are the most economical missing teeth replacement option, but they come with poor stability and tiring cleaning requirements.

All-on-4 combines the oral prosthetics, allowing patients to enjoy the benefits of both. The implants give the patient’s jaw the stimulation that it needs to prevent bone tissue loss, while the special set of dentures attached to them make for affordable artificial teeth.

Preparing for All-on-4

The All-on-4 process is typically performed during a single visit, so patients have to deal with less discomfort and a single recovery period. To determine if a patient qualifies for the procedure, the dentist will discuss their oral and overall health with them. Issues like diabetes and periodontal disease increase the risk of complications after the installation of implants. The same goes for smoking or drinking regularly.

A CAT scan might be used to evaluate how healthy the patient’s jawbone is. It might also be used to determine the best places to insert implants.

Digital images and an impression of the patient’s entire gumline is taken and used to create the patient’s custom dentures.

Preperation steps

Patients can prepare for their surgical procedure by:

  • Avoiding habits like smoking and drinking before and after the procedure: These habits weaken the immune system and slow down the healing process
  • Talking to the dentist about any medication they take: Some medications thin out blood, making it harder for clots to form
  • Arranging for transportation to and from the clinic: Anesthetics will likely be used during the installation of the implants, and that can leave patients unable to drive themselves home
  • Following pre-ops recommendations provided by their dentist before their surgery: This typically includes information like how long the patients should fast before the surgery (having food in the stomach while under general anesthesia can put the patient’s health at risk)
  • Wearing comfortable clothes. Patients should wear clothing that feels comfortable and does not get in the way of the dentist or their staff; short-sleeved, loose-fitting clothes are generally recommended
  • Preparing meals in advance. Patients should avoid strenuous activities for the first week after the installation of implants, and it is best to prepare meals before the procedure, so there is no need to run around for groceries or spend hours cooking after the implants are installed; dentists recommend sticking to liquid foods for the first week after surgery and semi-solids for the first three months

Replace your missing teeth

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